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Hae Woon Dae

Korean Barbecue

What's Korean BBQ

It refers to a method of cooking cuts of marinated meats. Cooked over gas or charcoal grills.

Common Meats

Short ribs (Kalbi), Beef (Bulgogi), Spicy pork (Dwaeji),  Chicken (Bul dak), Short Steak (Jumulleok).


Korean side dishes, aka ‘Banchan,’ allow you to indulge your palate with a variety of flavors.

Kimchi (김치)

Made from salted and fermented vegetables, seasoned with chili powder, scallions, garlic, and ginger.


Ssamjang has a spicy, salty flavor with an assertive umami flavor from the fermented soybean paste.

Korean vs Other BBQ

In the US, it’s common to smoke meat before barbecuing it, in Korea, it starts with raw, marinated meat.

Soon you will be able to enjoy our award winning meats at home

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Marinaded Beef Ribeye (bulgogi)


Spicy Pork
(Jeyuk Bokkeum)


Marinated Beef Short Ribs (kalbi)


Wooden Charbroiled BBQ

Short Rib BBQ

Whole beef short ribs marinated in award-winning sauce


Saeng Kalbi

Unseasoned beef ribs


Bul Gogi

Tender beef marinated in award-winning sauce


Cha Dol Bae Gi

Unseasoned beef brisket


Joo Mool Ruk

Specially marinated tender beef by fingers


Dak Yang Nyum Gui

Tender spicy chicken marinated in award-winning sauce


Dae Ji Bul Gogi

Pork marintaed traditional Korean sauce


Sam Kyup Sal

Unseasoned pork bacon


Gop Chang Gui

Beef intestines marintaed in Korean sauce


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Appetizers, Sukiyaki, Bi Bim Bab, Stew & Fried Dishes


Customer Reviews

Nikki Filto
1 Review

By far the BEST Korean BBQ I’ve ever had. If you’re new to Korean BBQ, this is the place to go. Such a great dining experience. The food was amazing and authentic. And the staff was awesome!! Definitely recommend this place.

84 Reviews
Absolutely delicious!!! Beef bulgogi was delicious and all the sides are actually prepared in house. Kimchi is out of this world and honestly the best I’ve had.
Jacuan Strange
6 Review
Great food. Very welcoming. They took the time to explain everything to us and they use charcoal instead of gas giving the meat a very rich flavor. Definitely going back!

Video Reviews

"Best Korean bbq in Atlanta"
"This is the best Korean bbq"
"I've been coming here since 1989"
"My favorite spicy pork in all of Atlanta"