Cooked – Marinated Chicken Bulgogi (1 lbs)


This is a famous variation of the world known bulgogi, but instead of the traditional meat being used which is beef, this one comes in chicken. This is a great preference for those who refrain from red meat, but still wants the same juicy and tender texture.

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Bulgogi (/bʊlˈɡoʊɡiː/ buul-GOH-ghee; from Korean bul-gogi [pul.ɡo.ɡi]), literally “fire meat”, is a gui (Korean-style grilled or roasted dish) made of thin, marinated slices of beef, pork, or chicken grilled on a barbecue or on a stove-top griddle. It is also often stir-fried in a pan in home cooking. Sirloin, rib eye or brisket are frequently used cuts of beef for the dish. The dish originated and is very popular in South Korea